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September 2, 2019

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Absolute Pure Extraction Vape: The Beginning

March 2, 2019

Our original APE VAPE Desktop:  

In 2007 we set out to make the best vaporizer and vape experience in the world.  Check out what we had to say back then below!


APE Vape Technology
All APE Vape Vaporizers utilize our unique heating unit technology. The heating unit of APE Vape Vaporizers heats the air used for the vaporization process. As a user inhales through the system, air is drawn into the heating unit. This air is then forced past a halogen light that warms it like an oven would. After passing the halogen light, the air is drawn through a series of diffusers that mix it to ensure its temperature is the same throughout. Just before the air is drawn down onto the substance being vaporized, an accurate temperature reading is taken with an accurate temperature sensor.

By utilizing an advanced 20Mhz microprocessor, APE Vape Vaporizers are able to take thousands of air temperature measurements each second. These microprocessors are running intelligent software able to analyze the temperature readings, and in response adjust the temperature of the air thousands of times per second. This ensures that the temperature of the air being used to vaporize a substance stays consistant throughout the entire process. In order to ensure absolutely pure vapors are extracted in the most efficient and desirable manner possible, the temperature of the air must maintain this level of accuracy.

Many inexpensive vaporizers have no way of adjusting the temperature of airflow in real time without the user constantly fiddling with knobs or buttons. The temperature of air flowing through these other vaporizers changes significantly during usage. This means that the vaporizer is consistently too cold and not extracting efficiently, or too hot and producing or extracting unwanted substances. APE Vape Vaporizers automatically detect when the system is in use, and utilize their split-second reaction time to quickly raise the temperature of the air, and maintain that desired temperature within a very small range as a user inhales vapors.





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